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2018 Toyota Prius in blue

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2018 Toyota Prius lineup details

The past few years have seen more drivers make the transition from traditional gas engine vehicles to hybrid options more than ever before. There are a lot of reasons for this. Hybrid technology has advanced significantly, drivers want to save money on gas, and others are hoping to lessen their carbon footprint. Whatever the reason, a hybrid car or SUV is a great option for today’s drivers. Toyota’s flagship hybrid vehicle is the Prius lineup. This family of hybrids is back for the 2018 model years, and we have a lot to tell you about it. That’s why we put together this post about the 2018 Toyota Prius lineup details. We have plenty of information, so keep reading this blog post to learn more! Read the rest of this entry >>

218 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid in blue

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Hybrid Toyota crossover details and features

With potential financial savings and earth-friendliness in mind, more and more drivers are making the switch to hybrid vehicles. There are many reasons people are taking the step into hybrid driving, but one major one is the fact that hybrid-technology vehicles are now becoming more affordable than in years prior. While many might imagine a small, brightly colored compact car as a hybrid, Toyota is leading the way in hybrid technology for SUVs. Currently, Toyota produces two hybrid SUVs. They are the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. Both of these models offer the signature capability, rugged handling, and space of traditional SUVs, but with the added bonus of saving at the pump and lower emissions. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about hybrid Toyota crossover details and features! Read the rest of this entry >>