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Advantages of Snow Tires on your Toyota 4Runner_b

How Can Snow Tires Help Performance?

Advantages of Snow Tires on your Toyota 4Runner

Winter is right around the corner, and that means snow could be on its way. Yes, we live in Fort Smith, AR. And yes, snow isn’t something we often have to worry about. But it does fall. And when it does, it makes a mess of things. That’s why we here at J. Pauley Toyota want to make sure you’re prepared in case the worst comes to pass. And when it comes to winter, the best way to be prepared is to have snow tires installed on your car, truck or SUV. You may scoff at that statement, thinking you’ll never have to worry about any of this, but it’s always better to be prepared than to be caught out in the cold. So as a way to help you figure out if you want to take steps to prepare for winter, we thought we’d take a look at some of the advantages of having snow tires installed on a vehicle like the Toyota 4Runner. Read the rest of this entry >>

Hail Sale Banner with Storm Background and J. Pauley Toyota Logo

J. Pauley Toyota Provides Sales and Incentives on New Toyota Models with Hail Damage

Toyota Hail Damage Repair and Incentives Fort Smith AR

At times, severe weather is unavoidable and can cause significant damage to property and vehicles. Recent and severe hail storms have taken their toll on vehicles in the Fort Smith area and have left many drivers wondering — what comes next? Whether it is a broken window or a dented exterior, J. Pauley Toyota has your best interests at heart with Toyota hail damage repair and incentives in Fort Smith, AR. Schedule a service appointment today with the J. Pauley Toyota Service Department or discover incredible savings on brand-new Toyota models with minimal hail damage. Read the rest of this entry >>

Can You Use E85 Fuel in Your Toyota? at J. Pauley Toyota-Fort Smith AR-E85 Fuel Pump

What is E85 Fuel and Will it Work in Your Toyota Vehicle?

Can You Use E85 Fuel in Your Toyota?

The type and quality of fuel that you put in your new Toyota can make a big difference when it comes to fuel economy and performance. Choosing a higher octane of fuel in your new 2016 Toyota Corolla will improve fuel economy, though it comes with a higher price tag. An alternative fuel that is available to many drivers is E85 and many car shoppers who stop in and see us at J. Pauley Toyota want to know — can you use E85 fuel in your Toyota? Take a look at what we have found out. Read the rest of this entry >>

Top Car Care Tips for Summer Vacations at J. Pauley Toyota-New Toyota Dealer-Fort Smith AR-Toyota Service Department-J. Pauley Toyota Service Department

A Few Simple Car Care Tips Can Save You Headaches on Summer Vacation

Top Car Care Tips for Summer Vacations

What are your big plans this summer? Are you heading to the beach for some fun in the sun? Maybe you have plans to drive to Disney World for your annual family vacation? No matter what family adventures you have planned, it is important to your safety and to the success of your summer vacation that you make sure your 2015 Toyota Camry is in peak mechanical condition. Just follow our top car care tips for summer vacations and you can hit the road with complete confidence in your vehicle. Read the rest of this entry >>