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Step-by-Step Instructions to Pair Your Phone with Toyota Entune

How Do I Pair My Smartphone with Toyota Entune?

Modern technology is fascinating and impacts nearly every aspect of our lives, including when we are in the car driving to work. As most drivers know, driving and texting can be extremely dangerous and that is where Bluetooth capabilities and the Toyota Entune interface come in handy. Stay connected while you drive with hands-free access to text messaging, phone calls and entertainment by pairing your phone to your new Toyota.

While that sounds great, if you aren’t the tech-savvy type, connecting your phone to your 2016 Toyota Tacoma may be easier said than done. If you own a Toyota and have ever asked the question — how do I pair my smartphone with Toyota Entune — you can get step-by-step instructions right here at J. Pauley Toyota. Keep in mind that the process may change slightly based on what phone you have and for more specific instructions consult your owner’s manual.

Turn the Bluetooth Feature On for Your Smartphone

This may seem pretty obvious, but you first need to activate Bluetooth on your smartphone. Access your phone’s Settings menu and turn on the Bluetooth capability. Your iPhone or Android device will then begin to search for Bluetooth-capable devices to connect to.

Turn Bluetooth On for Your Toyota Entune Interface

The next step in the process is to turn on Bluetooth via your Toyota Entune interface. Access your Toyota Camry’s system through the touchscreen. Go to the Setup Menu on your Entune interface and select Bluetooth. When you select Add, your smartphone should show up, then select your device.

Select Your Toyota Model On Your Device

Next, you will need to go back to your smartphone’s Bluetooth Settings menu. When you access the menu, your Toyota model should show up. Select your vehicle in the menu and and you will be paired with Toyota Entune. You may have to enter a Bluetooth PIN number within the process that is provided by your phone. This will then connect Entune to the audio and contacts on your phone.

Allow Access and Sync Contacts

Once you have paired your smartphone with Toyota Entune, you will then have to grant the Entune system access to your smartphone’s messaging and contacts by turning ON Show Notifications and Sync Contacts. You should get then receive a message of confirmation that your Bluetooth is connected.

If you have ever wondered how to pair your smartphone with Toyota Entune, hopefully these step-by-step instructions will help you get through the process with minimal headaches. If you have anymore questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at J. Pauley Toyota and we will help you through the process.