How Does the Toyota Prius Solar Roof Feature Work? at J. Pauley Toyota-New Toyota Dealer-Toyota Technology-Fort Smith AR

Learn How to Use the Toyota Prius Solar Roof Feature to Cool Your Car

How Does the Toyota Prius Solar Roof Feature Work?

The deeper you delve into the 2015 Toyota Prius design, the more eco-friendly you realize this finely-tuned hybrid Toyota model truly is. From the ultra fuel-efficient Hybrid Synergy Drive system to regenerative braking and fuel consumption monitoring, the Toyota Prius is loaded with new technologies that are focused on delivering class-leading fuel economy ratings. Of all of the eco-conscious technologies and features in the Toyota Prius, one stands out above the others — the Solar Roof feature. We know what you are thinking — what the heck is that or maybe you are wondering how does the Toyota Prius Solar roof feature work? Take a look at our new blog post at J. Pauley Toyota to find out more about this innovative new feature that will keep you cool on hot summer days.

What is the Toyota Prius Solar Roof Feature?

We have all been there and understand the scorching heat and humid temperatures in the Fort Smith, AR area, so we all know what it is like to get into a sweltering car that has been sitting in the sun for hours. With the available Solar Roof feature equipped in your new Toyota Prius, you can keep your car cool even on the hottest days. Parked in the sun, the Solar Roof feature powers a solar powered ventilation system that will keep the interior of your vehicle cool. When the interior temperature surpasses 68 degrees Fahrenheit, the ventilation system will turn on and use an electric fan to draw the outside air inside and circulate it throughout the cabin. This will lower the interior temperatures to a level closer to the outside ambient temperature. This system needs to be turned on before you exit the vehicle.

How Does the Toyota Prius Solar Roof Feature Work? at J. Pauley Toyota-Fort Smith AR-New Toyota Dealer-Toyota Prius Technology

How to Use the Toyota Prius Solar Roof Feature

There are two ways you can use the Toyota Prius Solar Roof feature. The first method involves an available Remote Air Conditioning System that is packaged with the Solar Roof feature. A Remote Air Conditioning System functions off of the same ventilation system and can be activated by using the keyless entry remote. Simply press the A/C button on the vehicle remote to run the system for up to three minutes before getting in your vehicle. If you want to activate the solar powered ventilation system before you get out of the vehicle it is a simple process. On the left side of the steering column, you will find a small square button with a car and fan on it. Press this button before you turn off your vehicle and you are all set. Next time you get in your Toyota Prius it will be nice and cool.

Hopefully, we have answered your questions about how the Toyota Prius Solar Roof feature works and helped illustrate how truly innovative the Toyota Prius is. With that being said, we can’t wait to see what incredible features and technology the 2016 Toyota Prius will offer when it is released later this year. Stop in and see us at J. Pauley Toyota to schedule a test drive in a new Toyota Prius and test out the Solar Roof feature.