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What Are the Benefits and Advantages of the Toyota Push Button Start Feature?

How to Use Toyota Smart Key and Push Button Start

If there is one thing we know for sure about the automotive industry, it is that it is constantly evolving, adding new technology and improving to create the perfect ride. Toyota models fit well into this paradigm with a long list of standard and available technology features that will make life easier, more comfortable, more convenient and more entertaining. For many millennials this is an incredible change, but for many traditionalists a lot of the upgraded systems can prove to be more confusing and difficult than they are intended. A couple features that you will find in many new Toyota models nowadays that can be overwhelming at first are the Toyota Smart Key and push button start. Get a few quick tips and tricks on how to use Toyota Smart Key and push button start right here at J. Pauley Toyota.

The first time you get behind the wheel of a new 2015 Toyota Camry with Toyota Smart Key and push button start, it can be a little bit confusing, but it really is as simple as pushing a button. Toyota Smart Key is an innovative new system that operates with a specialized key fob. With this high-tech key fob in your pocket, all you need to do is walk up to your vehicle and touch the handle to unlock the door. Toyota Smart Key is also incredibly safe with a rolling code that changes each time you enter the vehicle, ensuring that no one else can get into your vehicle. This system works in conjunction with the push button start feature as well.

When you first get behind the wheel of a new Toyota Corolla with push button start, it may seem shocking as you wonder where to put the key — remain calm. With the Toyota Smart Key in your pocket or in the cup holder, you don’t need to worry about it. Just ensure your vehicle is in park, put your foot on the brake and press the engine start/stop button until you hear the engine come to life. It is as simple as that. To shut off the engine, shift back into park and press the engine start/stop button.

This innovative and convenient new feature will allow you to use additional power features of your new Toyota Highlander without turning the engine on as well. If you are waiting for a friend or family member who is running late and you want to listen to your favorite ABBA album, all you need to do to use the audio system is leave your foot off the brake and push the ignition button. Sitting in the car waiting for a friend and baking in the sun may get a little warm, so if you want to turn on the climate control or roll down a window to cool off, simply follow the same procedure and push the button a second time. Press the button one more time to turn off all power.

Technology in the automotive industry has come a long way over the years and if you aren’t familiar with it, it can be as confusing and aggravating as the Rubik’s Cube you played with as a kid. Just follow these quick tips on how to use Toyota Smart Key and push button start though and you will be just fine. Look for more Toyota tips and tricks right here on the official J. Pauley Toyota blog, where we try to answer a lot of FAQs that Toyota drivers come across.