Toyota Rally RAV4 on the track

Toyota Rally RAV4 and Driver Ryan Millen Rack Up Wins on the Rally Circuit

Toyota Rally RAV4 Race Results and Videos

Not typically the first vehicle that comes to mind, when it comes to automotive racing, the Toyota Rally RAV4 has more than proven its merit as a racer. Built on the framework of the athletic 2016 Toyota RAV4 SE trim level, the Toyota Rally RAV4 piloted by professional driver Ryan Millen and his co-pilot/fiancee Christina Fate have been racking up wins on the rally circuit to the dismay of the competition. Delve deeper into the Toyota Rally RAV4 with this overview of Toyota Rally RAV4 race results and videos that highlight the Toyota-brand race car.

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What is the Toyota Rally RAV4?

When many drivers imagine Toyota Racing, they envision Kyle Busch in his Skittles Toyota Camry stock car taking the checkered flag in Indianapolis. Toyota Racing Development takes performance to new levels and the Toyota Rally RAV4 is a shining example. Rally cars like Millen’s Toyota RAV4 SE take stock models to the track and rely on their own driving skills to win races. Races held on a variety of surfaces to include sand, snow and dirt mean that top drivers like Millen need to bring their A-game to each and every race.

Screenshot of Toyota Rally RAV4 Race Results for 2016With three class victories and three second place finishes in seven races this season, Ryan Millen and the Toyota Rally RAV4 are poised to win an overall championship. To get ready for this race season, Millen and the Toyota Racing Development team removed more than 300 pounds of weight from the Toyota RAV4 SE by removing unnecessary materials. Built for speed rather than comfort, the Rally RAV4 employs Plexiglas® windows, lightweight racing seats and a full roll cage.

Under the hood, the Toyota Rally RAV4 employs the same 176-horsepower 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and six-speed automatic transmission that you have in your own 2016 Toyota RAV4. Modifications to the Toyota Racing Development RAV4 are minor and include upgraded shocks and brake pads. Stock vehicles make the rally circuit interesting, as it means that the driver is what wins races. Take a look at a few videos below to see the Toyota Rally RAV4 in action.

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