Toyota SofTex vs Leather vs Cloth Seats at J. Pauley Toyota-Fort Smith AR-2015 Toyota RAV4 SofTex Interior-New Toyota Dealer

What Kind of Seats Should You Get in Your New Toyota?

Toyota SofTex vs Leather vs Cloth Seats

The interior of your new Toyota says a lot about you. Do you enjoy the plush, opulent leather interior of the luxurious 2016 Toyota Avalon or are you more into the classy and versatile interior of the 2016 Toyota RAV4 with Toyota SofTex interior trim? It can be a tough decision to determine what kind of seat you should get in your new Toyota and each interior fabric has its own positives and negatives. In order to help make your decision a little simpler, we have created a Toyota SofTex vs leather vs cloth seats comparison, highlighting the pluses and minuses of each interior trim.

Toyota SofTex Interior

SofTex is a synthetic leather material that has been designed to be easier to clean and resistant to spills and stains while not succumbing to wear as easy as other traditional leather. This new Toyota material is soft to the touch and weighs about as half as much as genuine full-grain leather and will reflect the sun to reduce that stinging burn in the summer months. It is also more environmentally friendly than real leather in production, using 99% fewer Volatile Organic Compounds and generating 85% fewer CO2 emissions than synthetic leather. Countless new Toyota models use this new material to create comfort and style including the 2015 Toyota Prius c and the 2016 Toyota Corolla Special Edition.

Leather Interior

Few things say luxury, class and affluence like leather interior in a refined and modern interior. Leather trim can be found in nearly all upper trims of the Toyota model lineup, but models like the Toyota Avalon are the quintessential luxury vehicle. Some of the benefits to having leather seats include tremendous style and comfort, an ease of cleaning not found with cloth seats as well as resistance to stains, spills and allergens. Some of the cons to having leather seats include a higher cost, the sting of hot leather in the sun and a tendency to conform and wear more severely over time.

Toyota SofTex vs Leather vs Cloth Seats at J. Pauley Toyota-Fort Smith AR-2015 Toyota Avalon Leather Interior-New Toyota Dealer

Cloth Interior

Cloth seating is still the standard for many Toyota models and is the most cost-effective option for interior trims. Many drivers find cloth interior more comfortable than leather or vinyl seats and they may be a good option if you are in the car a lot, as it will not conform to your body shape as easily as leather and will not burn you after sitting in the sun. A downfall to cloth seats, however, is their susceptibility to stains.

Across the board, Toyota models offer a broad spectrum of interior designs that employ different materials to provide comfort, style and luxury. While we can’t tell you which interior material fits your needs or lifestyle best, our Toyota SofTex vs leather vs cloth seats comparison may help you make a more informed decision. Stop in at J. Pauley Toyota today and schedule a test drive to get a firsthand idea of what each materials looks and feels like.