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Toyota Seeks to Improve Infotainment with Toyota SmartDeviceLink Technology

What is Toyota SmartDeviceLink Technology and How Does it Work?

Throughout the Toyota model lineup, technology plays a major part in the overall excellence of the brand, from innovative new 2016 Toyota Tacoma off-road features to the exceptional Toyota Entune infotainment interface. When you couple that level of technology with the availability and connectivity of smartphones today, it provides a thrilling combination. Whether you are a fan of Pandora or like to use Facebook Places, the Toyota Entune interface can accommodate you, but what about apps that you can’t get? That is where Toyota SmartDeviceLink technology comes into play. In order to keep you informed about the potential future of the brand, we have set out to answer the question — what is Toyota SmartDeviceLink technology and how does it work?

In an effort to improve access to your favorite apps when you get behind the wheel of the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma and other future models, the Toyota Motor Corporation has reached an agreement with Ford to explore the use of SmartDeviceLink technology. Developed by Livio, a Ford subsidiary, SmartDeviceLink technology works to create a more user-friendly platform of connected services. Already delivering incredible access to countless mobile apps, the Toyota Entune interface is one of the best systems on the road and is available across the brand’s lineup.

What is SmartDeviceLink Technology?

So, what is SmartDeviceLink technology? SmartDeviceLink technology is an open source platform that was developed to increase driver access to entertainment, traffic, parking and additional applications through internet services when using your in-car Toyota Entune infotainment system. All of these additional apps will then be accessible through voice recognition, touch screen displays and dashboard controls.

How Does SmartDeviceLink Technology Work?

You may still be wondering how this system works and what it does to benefit your driving experience. A primary benefit to this system is the possibility of seamless integration, by working through your Toyota Entune interface, you will have a concrete understanding of how to use apps in your vehicle. SmartDeviceLink technology also allows app developers to create applications that will function across multiple platforms. This will cut down on development time and allow countless more users to access new applications.

The prospect of nearly limitless smartphone applications at your disposal through the Toyota Entune interface is an exciting one and now with a better understanding of what Toyota SmartDeviceLink technology is and how it works — you can join in the excitement. For more information on Toyota technology and the integration of SmartDeviceLink technology be sure to visit the up-to-date J. Pauley Toyota Blog. You can also stop in and schedule a test drive at J. Pauley Toyota to experience new technology first hand.