Engine Air Filter Replacement in Fort Smith, AR

A vehicle’s engine air filter has the important task of protecting the engine compartment from getting clogged with external debris, especially dust and dirt. Unfortunately, as engine air filters get older, they start to get dirty and ineffective at keeping out contaminants. Drivers can schedule an appointment with J. Pauley Toyota if they’re in need of an engine air filter replacement in Fort Smith, AR.

Engine air filters can last for different amounts of time, especially when taking different types of environments and climates into consideration. Drivers who take their vehicle off-road or down dusty, dirty, unpaved paths frequently may need to replace their filter as soon as 15,000 miles after their last replacement. On that note, drivers who rarely take their vehicle off the beaten path may be able to go 45,000 miles without needing a replacement. Consult with the owner’s manual to view the recommended replacement interval for your make and model.

What Happens if an Engine Air Filter Isn’t Replaced?

If drivers neglect to replace a dirty engine air filter, the effects will slowly start to be felt in the vehicle’s performance. As contaminants start to clog up the engine system, the engine will have to work harder to make the vehicle move and drivers will start to notice that their vehicle accelerates less quickly than it used to. In extreme cases, this can also result in a decrease in fuel economy.

In addition to replacing a dirty engine air filter, J. Pauley Toyota can assist drivers with many other automotive services, including: Battery inspection, transmission fluid and coolant fluid flushes, oil changes, tire rotation and balancing, automotive glass repair and replacement, accessory and add-on installation, wheel alignment, air conditioning system repair, brake repair and replacement, automotive electrical service and more.

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