Muffler Repair in Fort Smith, AR

Drivers who notice their vehicle is running louder than normal or have noticed a drop in fuel efficiency should consider the possibility of a damaged muffler. Mufflers Drivers who need help with muffler repair in Fort Smith, AR can trust the service center at J. Pauley Toyota to get the job done. Schedule an appointment with us today for a date and time that’s convenient for you.

Mufflers serve a variety of functions and purposes inside a vehicle. In addition to decreasing engine sound, they also help guide the exhaust fumes produced from the engine away from the passenger cabin, protecting vehicle occupants from being exposed to dangerous chemicals. If your muffler is cracked, it should be taken in for service right away.

What Causes Mufflers to Go Bad?

Mufflers typically last anywhere from five to seven years. Because of the extensive amount of pressure and heat your muffler is subject to, there are plenty of ways for it to break down over time. External factors such as road salt and heavy road debris can damage your muffler as well. The most common reason for failure, however, is rust.

Both the exterior and interior of a muffler can be damaged from rust buildup. While external muffler rust is often caused by environmental factors, internal rust usually accrues due to the condensation caused from day-to-day vehicle use. While mufflers generally do a good job of clearing out excess water caused by condensation, excess water streaming out of the muffler may be a sign of significant rust damage.

In addition to muffler repair, other services available at J. Pauley Toyota include: Headlight and taillight repair, tire balancing and rotation, accessory installation, oil changes, filter replacement, wheel alignment, fuel injection service, transmission and coolant flushing, muffler and exhaust repair, automotive electrical service, battery inspection, multi-point vehicle inspection and more.

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